What is a Spark?

A Spark is an interactive 15-minute experience that is presented virtually into corporate team meetings. 

Every Spark is hosted by a Sparkler, a professional storyteller or passionate subject matter expert who will enter your team’s virtual meeting, energize your team with their performance, and then leave to let you get back to business. 

Sparks help connect remotely located teams reliant on video conferencing by bringing colleagues together through shared “out of the box” activities and experiences. Crucially for team managers, every Spark incorporates a customizable business objective or message within it, so that they are both fun and informative (and a legit business expense too!).

Why Spark a meeting?

The honest answer… make your team video calls less boring!

No matter what your team’s remote working situation is - from 100% WFH to totally in-office - video conferencing is a new reality for business that is not going away anytime soon. But at the same time, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real for many employees (and their managers!) which contributes to teams feeling disconnected. A Spark can fix that!

Whilst the thought of an hour-long virtual happy hour does not have the same appeal that it used to, a quick 15-minute Spark reignites team cohesion - all for the price of team coffee run. As team managers sit back and relax, our interactive Sparks engage teams through fun and unique presentations that help your team briefly escape the daily grind, without disrupting their entire day’s schedule.

A Spark can also help elevate productivity within your team. By adding a Spark of energy to the start, or the end, of your team meeting, you can add a jolt to your team’s repetitive routine, and have them feeling energized to attack their next task!

So why not invite a South African shark scientist into your team meeting to learn how corporate social responsibility can be achieved with sharks. Or offer your team a moment of relaxation by introducing them to an Australian medal winning tai chi expert or to Ireland’s happiest barman.

Go on, check out our amazing Sparklers and Spark’n up your next virtual meeting.

Who is a Sparkler?

The host of a Spark is called a Sparkler. We call them that because of how bright and effervescent they all are!

Each Sparkler is a passionate storyteller whose sole objective is to spark energy back into your team meetings. Some Sparklers achieve this through high-octane debates and games, whilst others do this through guided physical activities, and some even manage it through song!

Our Sparklers are located all over the world, so no matter where your team is located, we have an amazing host to introduce to your team. So what are you waiting for?

A Spark is the cost of a coffee for your team.

Spark'n up your virtual team meeting for the price of a coffee run.

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