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Ben Gollan

Chew the crust and spark delightful team conversation with The Sandwich Master

About this Spark

Debate the question "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" with a professional NYC sandwich tour guide. Yes, that is a job!

What you'll do

Don't think you have strong opinions about sandwiches? Well just wait until Ben asks whether a hotdog, a burger or a taco is a sandwich.

Engage your team in this spirited debate which is not only fun, but also demonstrates how different perspectives on the simplest of things (i.e. a sandwich) can impact your work.


15 minutes

Video call capacity

Up to 25 people

Video meeting

Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams and more - we join your meeting


Hosted in English

Additional Info

This spark is best delivered as a surprise to your team. Tell Ben what goals your team is striving for this year and he can incorporate a customized message into his Spark.

Options available

Take a deeper dive into the world of the sandwich with one of Ben's 60 minute online sandwich cooking class.

Ask him about it for further details after your debate.

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Ben Gollan





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