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Sparks are highly interactive short form experiences that inspire out-of-the-box thinking, build team connection and promote a positively productive virtual team meeting!

Our Sparklers, five star experience makers will join your team meeting, engage your team in a fun and unique 15 minute experience, and then leave your team energized across their virtual workday.

Achievable in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Choose a meeting

Our work calendars are filled with meetings. You just have to choose one of them that you want to add some energy or enlightenment to with a Spark ...or two, or three, or five. 😉A Spark can ignite any virtual meeting although given the desire for high team engagement we recommend that you Spark meetings of teams no larger than 20 people.

So whether it is a regular status update meeting, a virtual team brainstorming session, or even a celebratory team get-together, the choice is yours. Don’t have a specific meeting in mind, no worries! Skip this step and choose which Spark you know your team will enjoy, we'll then work together to find a time that works for you.

Step 2 – Select aN INSPIRING Spark

Once you have chosen your meeting, the fun really begins - you get to choose your Spark! If you don’t know what a Spark is yet, find out here.

Each Spark is unique, so pick the one that excites or intrigues you the most. You can choose to learn about blackholes with a Norwegian astrophysicist. Have your coffee leaves read by a Turkish fortune teller.  Or swim with sharks (virtually) with a South African marine biologist. 🦈

When you have made your choice, hit the “Book Spark”, select a package and make a secure online payment. After completing payment we will ask for a few meeting your details to share with your selected Sparkler.

If you are having trouble deciding which Spark is best for you, reach out to us. We would love to help you align the perfect Spark with your team’s meeting purpose and objectives. We also have packages of 1, 3 or 5 Sparks so maybe buy in bulk and save.

Step 3 – Spark'n up!

Once you have chosen your Spark we’ll get straight to work to set the appointment and connect you with your Sparkler. Once connected, you can exchange any relevant information about your team (including goals you want the Sparkler to incorporate into their presentation), and provide the link to your video conference for the Sparkler to use.

A Sparkler will join your team meeting using YOUR meeting link. This ensures that you won’t have to switch back-and-forth between video calls, and that you will retain control over the entire experience throughout.

On the day of your chosen meeting, our Sparkler will enter your video call at the time you have agreed upon (we recommend the beginning or the end of the meeting!). They will spend 15 minutes with your team, energize them with the Sparkler’s unique interactive session, and then leave once the experience is complete so that you can get on with your work! 💯

An energized team is a productive team, so prepare yourself for a great day after our Sparkler has departed. If your team can’t seem to get enough of the Spark, then many of our Sparklers also offer a full-hour online experience for a more immersive session. ⚡

Our wonderful Sparks help to

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Ignite creative thinking

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Build connection

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Spark joy unexpectedly

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Foster positivity

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Elevate productivity

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Uplift remote culture

A Spark is the cost of a coffee for your team.

Spark'n up your virtual team meeting for the price of a coffee run.

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