Working from home? Going remote at work? Here’s 5 amazing products you need to try with your virtual team!

Working from home? Going remote at work? Here’s 5 amazing products you need to try with your virtual team!

It’s mid 2021 and the jousting to balance remote work and hybrid life between employers and online knowledge workers from across the globe seems to be warming up! Just ask the likes of Uber, Google and Apple how it’s going... hint: remote work is being welded into the fabric of modern businesses. 

It’s not just the behemoths of the tech world heading down this remote first strategy though, every reasonable business that values real productivity over punching an ‘I’m here’ card is embracing employees working from home, where it’s functionally viable of course.

With this movement underway, some amazing products have sprung into life for teams and employers to embrace. If you’re going to enable working from home across your business then you’ll want to enable new ways to drive increases in efficiency and productivity. Let’s take a look!


Firstbase - Remote Infrastructure for Global Teams

Managing the physical / logistical layer of supporting your employees is a tricky and often overlooked problem for so many businesses that have suddenly found themselves supporting a remote workforce. Firstbase leads the way in helping teams setup, manage, maintain and retrieve all physical equipment for remote workers - so they can keep on working.


Butter - Virtual Workshops and meetings ...with a DJ horn!

Need to run a structured discussion or workshop with your team and keen on adding some fun and personality to it? Butter is the tool for you! Rather than everyone on call feeling like they’re locked in their virtual windows, plan and execute on agendas, empower structured conversations and gather feedback - in a fun and creative way! Hey, there’s chill waiting music for those to join the room. 😉


Hubilo - Events! Virtual or Hybrid? Go Hubilo.

As the world stayed home, physical events were cancelled and virtual events took over. Now as the world slowly gets back to normal, we’re all carefully chasing real connections and community. With Hubilo online businesses of all sizes can now excel at planning and executing both virtual and hybrid events.


Yac - Async voice and video chats.

Getting everyone in a virtual room for a meeting to drive a simple conversation can be a tremendous waste of time and human resources. Yac sits beautifully between long winded emails and unnecessary zoom meetings enabling quick and effortless discussion between teams on the fly and most importantly, with nuance.


Hugo - Meetings. Notes. Tasks. Setting agendas on steroids.

Having risen to the top of the ‘need to test’ here at Spark’n pile, Hugo’s value is a no-brainer for so many teams coordinating their business through their online calendar. We’re struggling with building out agendas, taking notes and subsequently allocating tasks. If this sounds like your team too then Hugo might be for you. 📅

Here at Spark’n we’re 100% remote with Raf in New Jersey, Ben in New York and myself (Paul) in Melbourne, we’re most definitely testing how these awesome products can support our daily work needs. 

Like many of our customers, we’re on our own remote workplace journey enjoying so many great conversations with new customers looking to tackle remote work inefficiencies in this brave new world. 

Next time you find yourself disengaged in another virtual meeting, remember that a 15 minute Spark helps to ignite team discussion, powers creative thinking and builds a productive and engaged environment.

You really should try out these very cool new products, be well and of course, Spark’n up! ⚡


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