Welcoming Manami and Kim to Spark’n!

Welcoming Manami and Kim to Spark’n!

It’s a wonderful day when you have the opportunity to welcome awesomely talented and creative storytellers into the Spark’n circus tent, and today is such a day! Please join us in welcoming Manami and Kim! 🎪✨

Calling Tokyo home, Manami brings her lifelong love and passion for the calmer moments of Origami to life with her wonderful Spark - Breathe, fold and focus together with mindful origami. Manami’s lovely Spark will help your team take a lovely moment to relax, connect and create your own new ‘favourite memento of something we did at work on your desk’. 🔰⚡️

Introducing Manami Watanabe wonderful Spark!

Landing raunchily (a little) right in that sweet spot of ‘I didn’t know this existed, I’m so glad it does!’ is Kim’s super engaging, fun and heart-filling Spark - Smile together & discover what your lips have to say about you!

As one of 12 Lipsologists in the world, Kim’ will take your team on a live, energizing lipsology session where you’ll each learn the ancient meaning and power …of your own lips! 💋 Yes, gentlemen! You’ll be applying some lippy for this one. Just for a fun moment, we promise you’ll survive and have a great time! 💄⚡️

Let’s bring a little sunshine and happiness to your team’s day with Kim’s awesome Spark soon!

Introducing Kim Watson’s amazing Spark!

We are so lucky and excited to launch two new Sparks by two amazing an talented women! 👏👏👏

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