The use cases for Spark'n: team meetings, creative meetings, virtual events and more

The use cases for Spark'n: team meetings, creative meetings, virtual events and more

It's no secret that Spark'n is a versatile platform of unique online experiences that teams of all shapes and sizes are enjoying - in different ways.

From daily virtual meetings to large format online forums, the different ways you can deploy a Spark are increasingly endless. It's also not surprising that many of those same people have found even more ways to deploy a Spark into their virtual team - whether it's planned or a surprise.

In this blog post we'll explore how you can use Spark'n for:

1. Team Meetings

Remote and hybrid working environments are quickly becoming a normal part of the workplace mix for knowledge workers across Earth. 

Whether it's a daily dev team standup, weekly team update or monthly leadership meeting, dropping a Spark into your virtual meeting can assist with the challenges of fostering spontaneous and genuinely new moments of collaboration.

2. Creative Meetings

Igniting your team's creative juices across a Zoom session can be a tricky to near impossible proposition for teams that have been working together for some time. 

With a small departure from the daily norms of working together, a 15 minute Spark sets real momentum for your team when it comes to blue sky thinking in your virtual brainstorming sessions, product development planning and customer feedback analysis.

3. Celebrate Success

Unfortunately for many, a drink down at the local bar to broadly speaking, celebrate team success is no longer an option.

Alternatively a surprise Spark is a fantastic way to celebrate a teammate's promotion, team milestone achievements and welcoming new team members in a creative, fun and exciting way.

4. Virtual Conferences, Forums & Events

A pleasant discovery for us here at Spark'n has been the deployment of Sparks throughout a range of virtual events. 

Whether it's a single day format to multiple day’s of content, every virtual event works towards a schedule so factoring in a Spark here and there to fire attendees up in the morning or keeping them energized throughout the afternoon can be key to an engaged and enthused audience.

Our intuition also tells us that community meetups and mastermind curriculum delivery would also benefit from a Spark - but we’re yet to have one of our amazing Sparklers drop into that scenario.

5. Sales Calls

Whether it's a partnership update session, customer account update or an ice breaker of sorts, a Spark is a very effective way to break the ice and get conversation flowing.

A Spark elevates the mood of the virtual meeting promoting free flowing, open-ended discussion that is the bedrock of building strong, authentic relationships with all on the call.

We love that we've been able to go on a journey with our customers and learn their unique needs, and we're excited to bring Sparks into an increasingly broad scope of collaborative moments in the future.

Do you have a unique virtual meeting setting not mentioned? What sort of other use cases should we be thinking about?

Drop us an email via or reach out to us on socials. We'd love to hear about your online meeting challenges and Spark'n them up!

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