Sparkler Spotlight: Theresa "The Tai Chi Champion" Chan

Sparkler Spotlight: Theresa "The Tai Chi Champion" Chan

Sparkler Spotlight – Theresa

In the fast paced world of hybrid work teams and industry disruptors, Theresa has found her own form of disruption for the workplace - Tai Chi. This Sydney based Tai Chi medal winner uses this mindful art form as a way to relax and recenter herself, and is sharing some of her best techniques with teams via her Spark "Mindful movement with a Tai Chi gold medalist". Read on to learn more!

Tell us about yourself and your Spark – “Mindful movement with a Tai Chi gold medalist”.

I have been doing martial arts for over 20 years but in the last 12 years focused mainly on tai chi. I love learning new forms, competing, performing and using my tai chi as a moving meditation. In my Spark, I lead you through a mindful movement session incorporating some breathing, gentle stretching, tai chi, qi gong and a short meditation. This Spark is a wonderful opportunity to take some time out of your normal day to pause, get rid of any unwanted stress, relax and recenter so that you and your team will feel re-energized as you move through the rest of the day.

When did you first start practicing Tai Chi, and why did you choose this to be the subject of your Spark?

I discovered the world of tai chi as a foreign student when I went to China back in 2004 to study Mandarin and learn more about my Chinese heritage. I first learned tai chi fan and kung fu sword while I was over in China as I took it up as a cultural elective subject and then I continued to learn when I came back to Australia. A highlight for me was going back to China to compete in an International Tai Chi competition winning a gold medal in 2012. Tai Chi is a great way to relax the body and mind and a perfect disruptor to a meeting that can give you a boost in your day.

What has been the most challenging part about adjusting to the online experience world?

Teaching through the camera and learning the best way to teach moves with more vocal cues and demonstrating movements from different angles to make it easy for students to follow.

What has been you most memorable online experience moment?

I had one lady fall asleep in one of my singing bowl meditations. She was so relaxed and it took me quite some time to wake her up. Now, I just let people know if they fall asleep, I’ll let them sleep through and send them a follow up email after 😉 .

We’ve left the most important question for last: What is the first concert you ever attended?

Pearl Jam! :P (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one!).

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