Sparkler Spotlight: Rosa "The Astrophysicist" Gammeltoft

Sparkler Spotlight: Rosa "The Astrophysicist" Gammeltoft

Whilst Richard Branson just flew into space with his company Virgin Galactic, space exploration has been a way of life for Sparkler and professional astrophysicist, Rosa. Rosa now brings her wealth of space knowledge into her 15 minute Spark to educate and inspire the next generation of adventurers - remote workers!

Tell us about yourself and your Spark – “Blackholes and Revelations with an awe-inspiring Astrophysicist”.

My name is Rosa, and I am a professional astrophysicist. I love to share my knowledge about space and answer any questions that people have about the mysteries of the Universe. Right now, with everyone working from home we can feel like we are just drifting in space, or that some of our work is just being sucked into a black hole. So, I am here to explain just how that would happen in space.

All of this means that my Spark, “Black Holes and Revelations with an awe-inspiring Astrophysicist”, takes you on a journey to the most mysterious objects in our Universe - black holes!

When did you first take an interest in astronomy, and why did you choose blackholes to be the subject of your Spark?

A Long, long time ago, in a galaxy…wait, this was another story! I’ve been always fascinated by the night sky, and always wanted to know what is ‘beyond there’.

There is light ever around the darkest places in our Universe, and I want to show everyone that the black holes are not that mysterious, not that black and not that bad a place to fall into.

What has been the most challenging part about adjusting to the online experience world?

A significant part of my scientific career has been based online based, so I have experience communicating online well before it became a norm. To be honest I am happy I moved my talks online because now I can meet a lot more people from a lot more places around the world. I can ‘travel’ through space and time and be in Australia, Canada and Norway at the same time thanks to my guests.

What has been you most memorable online experience moment?

I cannot choose just one, so I will have to share two! The first one is actually my first online experience group. I will always remember their eyes, full of curiosity. For some strange reason we all became friends after that.

The second memory that comes to mind was when a young girl told me that I am her inspiration at the end of an online experience. She explained that one day, when she finally goes to Mars, she will dedicate this to me. It really meant a lot to me.

We’ve left the most important question for last: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

As my colleague Einstein said once – Everything is relative 😉

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