Lighting up your EOTY virtual celebrations with some uplifting Fireworks! 🎆

Lighting up your EOTY virtual celebrations with some uplifting Fireworks! 🎆

It’s been lovely to speak to so many knowledge working teams this year, we can all agree it’s been quite the ride as new ways of working together rumbled into reality.

Whilst it’s still a very fluid work landscape, many are finding remote and hybrid work supports how they work best - but elements of isolation and loneliness have crept in. Creating calm, safe, authentic and engaging moments together is becoming a real challenge for many People leaders at all levels.

We’ve felt very lucky to be able to inject our human-powered 15 minute Sparks into many a virtual moment for a diverse, global teams. One piece of feedback we’ve continued to receive was…

‘Hey! We’d love to spend more time with that wonderful Sparkler! 😊’

So with that in mind, we’re excited to quietly launch Fireworks, our unique range of vibrant virtual adventures that scale from 45 to 60 minutes …and beyond! 🎆

All Fireworks are hosted by an amazing Sparkler and are designed for those deeper social moments where your team want to spend time with a masterful storyteller. In these longer formats your team has time to learn together, foster unexpected connections, and simply put, they’re so much fun!

Unlike our Sparks, Fireworks are designed to scale for larger teams with per person pricing and a minimum buy of 10 teammates. All Fireworks are unique and can be scaled to fit the constraints of your teams virtual workday.

So whether it’s a calm and meditative team doodle, a deep dive into the mind popping depths of shark scientist-try or a rollicking holiday infused Scavenger Hunt, our Fireworks can help to light up your end of the year virtual festivities!

All our Fireworks are available to share with teammates today. Let’s launch some Fireworks with your team soon! 🎇

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