Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that after careful consideration, I have decided to depart from Spark'n.

A little over a month ago, my wife gave birth to our first baby boy Victor. I want to give Spark'n the time and attention that it needs, but juggling my 9-5 work and my original side hustle, Filipino Food Crawl, and taking care of a newborn have proven to be quite difficult.

This has led me to realize that it's in the best interest of Spark'n and you, the Sparklers, to have a founder that can give his full attention to this wonderful project; hence, my decision to leave.

I continue to be optimistic about the idea of providing quick-bite online experiences to the zoom-fatigued corporate world so I am excited to see what new heights Spark'n will reach, especially under the able leadership of Paul. I'm sure you all will crush it.

Please remain in touch for anything -- new opportunities, new ideas, or even a casual catch up -- I'll always be here.

You can reach me through WhatsApp (+1-718-514-0408) or email (raf.ignacio@gmail.com).

Stay safe!

All the best,