Hello Sparklers,

After consultation with Paul and Raf, I have decided to take a step back from my role as CEO at Spark’n. However, I won’t be leaving the team completely.

It has been a brilliant 10 months since the three of us first had the idea of Spark’n, and it has been amazing to meet and work with you all to build out the business. Some of my favorite memories came from the Zooms we all had together as we created Spark’n, as well as reading the overwhelmingly positive feedback our clients have given us about your Sparks.

However at this time I have decided to refocus on hosting my own online and ‘real-life’ experiences. They have also kept me extremely busy this year!

My passion for hosting experiences is the reason I first got into Spark’n, so putting more of my energy into that is something I’m looking forward to in an effort to grow my personal business further. But that’s also why I have agreed to stay on to help Spark’n onboard new Sparklers as the business continues to grow. I’m also available to chat Sparks with you all from the hosting perspective.

Finally, I’m also excited to tell you all that my wife is pregnant and we are due to have our first child, a baby boy, in December. So, re-organizing some of my commitments to free up time to be a dad is a big priority for me too. If anyone has any ‘new parent’ advice, I’m all ears!

Thanks again for all your hard work, and I’m looking forward to seeing Spark’n continue to grow into bigger and better things with the Foundational Sparklers (you!) leading the charge.